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Published in:
Outlook Money
Outlook Traveller
The Indian Express
Hindustan Times
Assorted: Chess stories
Assorted: Humour

Richard Branson
Pico Iyer
'Tiger' Pataudi
Anita Ratnam
Walid Phares

Sipping wine in Singapore
The Chennai Music Season
Leh Diary
Dhar: 'Middle Kingdom'

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Outlook Money

The Frontline features

1. Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe

2. Sushmita's homecoming

3. On top of the world

4. A true picture

5. Tory scandals

6. Ulster hopes

7. Ulster truce

8. A reprieve for Pawar

9. Goa to Gummidipoondi

10. Benazir returns

11. A manhunt ends

12. Escobar's end

13. Guns and Roses

14. Banking on Dini

15. Rwanda's death camps