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Sample some of my
published writings:

Update features
Spotlight series
Chess stories
Some Light Stuff

Link to Frontline

Welcome to V. Venkatesan's
Home Page

Hello, and welcome to my Web page.

What you will find here now are links to a representative sample of my published articles. Essentially, I've divided them into four categories: The Update features, which were published in Frontline magazine, where I am currently employed, over a period; the Spotlight series, which were published in the Indian Express, where I worked earlier; my Chess Stories, which were published in various newspapers; and Other Light Stuff, a collection of humorous pieces published in various newspapers and magazines.

I've also provided a link to the Web site of Frontline, a general interest magazine which is known for its in-depth coverage of socio-political and economic issues, and its unmatched coverage of foreign affairs.

From time to time, I hope to provide additional links to other sites that interest me. I also propose to start an online Infotech column that will give information on the latest Internet resource tools available and give details of interesting Web sites that will be of use to a wide variety of Net surfers.

I have lots of interesting plans for my Web site,
so more frequent visits are sure to be rewarding!

For now, do have a look at my published articles, and if there's anything in there that you agree/disagree with or wish to argue about, please feel free to mail me.

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